Avoid Facebook as Your Online Hub

As you’ve probably heard, Facebook is experiencing some kind of bug that is affecting brand page post impressions.  As you can imagine, some brands are growing frustrated as there’s hardly anything being done about it.  It’s been a month now, and no resolution in sight.  It is almost on monthly basis now, Facebook manages to […]

Engage. What Does That Really Mean?

You’ll hear a lot of this. Engage. Engage. Engage. Especially from Digital Strategists, Social Media Marketers, Community Managers and the like. You need to Engage with your fans, Engage with your followers and Engage your subscribers. Its one of the top recommendations social media and online marketers give to businesses who ask, whats the point […]

Direct Path and Blog Reset

In the past month I’ve gone through the process of switching webhosts for my www.andreipetrik.com website and domain. With that move I also decided to start fresh with my blog, layout and the format.  I used flavors.me as a primary landing page which displayed and linked to my various public online profiles, but as you […]